palm springs lightroom presets

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Pastels, bright, and unique

What's Included: 

- Installation Guide 

- 6 Presets for the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App:

Please keep in mind that all photos are different and some presets may not work for every single photo the same way. This is why there are a variety of individual presets that work differently depending on the lighting, temperature, shadows and highlights. 

If for some reason the preset is not what you desire it to be, simply play around with the exposure and/or temperature, shadows and highlights to perfect the look of your image. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Why pre-order?

We are proud to say our pieces are made to order with love! Pre-orders helps us reduce waste and avoid overproduction! By producing only what’s needed, there is no excess inventory, and therefore, no unsold items gathering dust on shelves. Less waste means less strain on resources. We value quality over quantity, and we want to make sure that every piece we create meets our high standards. That’s why our production process takes an average of 8-10+ weeks from the moment you place your pre-order.


Oversized fit, refer to size chart <3

Wash instructions

wash inside out

cold temperatures

gentle dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I’m obsessed with all my presets I got from sincerlyjulia ! IG feed looking SO much better!

Brooke Verhoeven

Damn my feed looks amazing

Rebecca Thornhill

amazing. always making me and my feed look snatched and beautiful