inspired by the fear of being average


Growing up I would do anything to fit in to a crowd just to feel accepted by others. Most times this would mean saying I liked something even when I didn’t, wearing certain clothes just because other people were (even if I didn’t feel good), acting a certain way to be “respected” by others, holding myself back from things that I wanted to do because of the fear of being judged…I could go on and on. 
It took me some time to realize how powerful staying true to yourself is and how much good comes from doing so. 
This collection is a reminder that there is only one you and that is your power. It’s a reminder to do what makes you feel good regardless of what other people may say. 
Inspired by the fear of being "average" is being inspired by the fear of not reaching your full potential, the fear of not staying true to who you are, and the fear of settling with fitting in with the crowd instead of letting your uniqueness shine.
I promise that being you is enough. 🖤



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