tessa x aloura

"live with love"

this sweatsuit was not only born from the absolute dream of creating it, but it was also born out of a place of well, love.
this chapter of my life is all about love. it’s been about living with love towards myself, the people around me and the moments that make up my life. it’s been about keeping my heart open to life itself. because it’s easy to keep your heart closed. but when you open your heart up, and you let love pour out onto everything around you, life feels so dang beautiful. and my hope is that if i live with love, i will fall in love with the experience of living. because how beautiful is it to be alive? and if i can recognize just how beautiful it is, shouldn’t i relish in it?
these moments i’m living right now are making up my life, and i want to be in love with as many of those moments as i can. i hope you decide to live with love, i hope you keep your heart open, and i hope you fall so madly in love with life because of it
- tess <3
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